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Owens' Blueberries


Welcome to Owens Blueberries

U-Pick Only

Due to our small size and large demand we will only be opening on scheduled dates and times. This will normally only be for a few hours 1 or 2 times a week, usually in the evening. Please call, check webpage, facebook or check sign at field for date and time.

Please, NO PETS.

Current Announcements:

August 9, 2022

Owens Blueberries has now closed for the season. We thank all of you for your business. See you next year!

Season runs approximately May 25 through July 30.

General Hours of Operation:
Please call for open days and hours.

Always Closed on Sunday

Please attend a Christian Church of your Choice.
(Mount Olive Baptist Church if you need a choice)

You-Pick, 1.65 / lb.

Caretakers: Glenn and Sharon Owens

Blueberries on the bush.

Blueberries are a Cool Summer Treat